Consent granted for Temple View development

Consent granted for Temple View development

Construkt is celebrating the success of its consent application for the next stage of the unique Temple View development, a small community located approximately 6km south west of central Hamilton.

The settlement was established by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) in the 1950s and features a former co-ed boarding school and the Church’s iconic temple at its heart. Now LDS wants to reinvigorate Temple View to create an economically, socially and culturally sustainable residential community.

Central to the revitalisation project is the desire to create a strong sense of place and preserve Temple View’s distinct 1950’s modernist character. LDS engaged Construkt to produce a comprehensive masterplan to support this vision and deftly guide the project from concept to consent.

CDP1, as the next stage is known, covers close to 9ha. Importantly, CDP1 aims to ‘zip’ seamlessly with the surrounding settlement. The design team has used complementary architectural styles, colour palettes and visual links to promote this integration.

To retain Temple View’s distinct look and feel, and ensure easy navigation, views and landmarks have been incorporated into the design and have fundamentally influenced the settlement’s urban structure.

Construkt senior urban designer Kate Watson says: “We have deliberately lined up streets, lanes and walkways where possible to create visual connections with significant natural and built elements beyond CPD1 – the Temple, the historic Mendenhall Building and views out to the surrounding countryside.”

CDP1 has been carved up into five retail and residential precincts. The designs have been strongly influenced by the contours and context of the sites.

“Designing within the limitations of some steep site contours has been an interesting challenge – the steepest we’ve worked with is a 13m drop over 53m. To ensure development conforms to the slope of the land, housing makes multiple steps down the slope, nudging up against the hillside to create partial basements. And we’ve included a mix of planted batters and low retaining walls to help soften the shape of the site.”

To help grow the population and the diversity of the development, Temple View will offer a range of housing typologies to suit a wide demographic, including standalone, duplex and terraced homes with two, three or four bedrooms.

CDP1 plays an important role as the gateway to Temple View. The entrance will be flanked by the retail precinct and a well-established green space, which the design team has taken care to maintain. The retail space is in the part of the campus formerly used for school administration. It provides some recognition of the school’s former public face – the curved entry road and open lawn area with its plinth sign welcoming visitors to Temple View have been retained.

“We’ve leveraged landscape features where possible to strengthen the development’s sense of place. Another key landscape feature is a low curtilage wall built in a zig-zag pattern to reflect the former zig-zag privacy wall that screened the school campus from the road,” says Kate.

“A memorial rose garden will be another focal point. The space will serve to buffer the residential areas from the community uses that will be located in the Mendenhall Building. It will also feature a viewing platform across to the Temple.”

Paul Coward, LDS project leader for the Temple View Project, says:

“We have enjoyed very much our association with Construkt. Not only is their work of high quality and appropriately professional, they are friendly, proactive, sensitive to our needs, and are careful to ensure they not only hear what we think we want, but go above and beyond to feel what our particular desires might be.  They are courteous and willing to reach out and make suggestions to help us. We are very pleased with the design outcomes and look forward to implementation.”

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