Massive 300 Construkt-designed homes completed at Hobsonville Point

Massive 300 Construkt-designed homes completed at Hobsonville Point

A staggering 300 Construkt-designed homes have been built at Hobsonville Point, representing a massive 30 percent of everything completed to date at the development located on coastal land on the upper Waitemata Harbour. Construction will soon get underway on a further 60 homes designed by the architecture practice.

Hobsonville Point is the largest and fastest growing residential development in New Zealand, having recently finished 1,000 high-quality homes.

The significant milestone comes at a time when Auckland continues to grapple with housing supply and affordability issues.

Construkt principal Karl Barker says: “We’re proud to be playing a central role in transforming the former defence force airbase into a dynamic, accessible community. Hobsonville Point is an exemplar of medium-density design and part of the solution to Auckland’s housing supply and affordability woes.”

So far more than 1,800 homes have been sold at Hobsonville Point. Around 400 of these have been affordable homes, sold at or below $550,000.

Chris Aiken, chief executive of HLC, says: “The thriving development is a blueprint for growing new communities. We are delivering quality, medium-density houses on a scale that New Zealand has not experienced before.

“One key to the success of Hobsonville Point is the expertise and commitment of our partners, such as Construkt. With their assistance we have developed quality housing solutions to support a vibrant community where people want to live, work and play. Importantly, it’s attainable – we have a successful first home buyer programme and can offer choices below the median house price.”

Construkt is a strong supporter of Hobsonville Point’s commitment to providing a significant proportion of affordable housing. The practice has taken an active lead by contributing design innovation for 80 affordable homes.

Construkt’s involvement at Hobsonville Point dates back to 2008 when the practice played a pivotal part in masterplanning the ambitious 167ha 3,000-home development. Since then its role has continued to grow and evolve.

In 2009 Universal Homes engaged the architecture practice to produce a comprehensive land-use and subdivision consent application for an initial 47 lots at Hobsonville Point. Today, Construkt manages the architectural process from concept design, consent application and planning approval to on-site construction. Notably, Construkt has now designed 360 homes at Hobsonville Point for Universal Homes.

Sunil Prasad, Universal Homes design and planning manager, says:

“Partnering with Construkt over the past eight years at Hobsonville Point and other developments has enabled Universal Homes to develop a wide range of market-led homes that has kept us at the forefront of builders in Auckland.”

Construkt’s designs are in sympathy with Hobsonville Point’s overall vision, which aims to offer a variety of styles to suit different budgets and lifestyles. They include a mix of terraced and standalone homes ranging in size from one-bedroom spaces to three-storey, four-bedroom homes.

The practice has applied its extensive knowledge of higher density solutions to create attractive, affordable homes with a strong sense of community at its heart.

Karl says the practice has focused on providing connectedness, a variety of architectural form, varying built density, and creating rich and welcoming streetscapes.

“Importantly, our designs are distinct yet complementary to the overall look and feel of the Hobsonville Point development,” says Karl.

Designing quality affordable housing is an exercise in creating efficient spaces, says Karl. “It’s a balance between space and amenity, paring back features to achieve what’s truly necessary.

“We’ve learnt a great deal about small, affordable house design from Hobsonville Point: people can live comfortably in smaller houses; small homes can be peppered amongst larger homes effectively and attractively, adding real depth to a community; and quality needn’t be sacrificed to achieve affordability,” says Karl.

Hobsonville Point is already home to over 3,000 residents. More than 4,000 new homes will be built by the time the development is complete.

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