Residential Master Planning

Residential Master Planning

Contrary to popular belief, a masterplan is a lot more than a ‘pretty picture’. In fact, masterplanning is a highly technical process that involves analysing the constraints and opportunities of a site to develop a creative response.

Construkt has the skills and experience to produce superior masterplans that comprise a healthy balance between best practice urban design and developers’ aspirations.

Considerations for residential master planning


New Zealand is facing a housing crisis where homes are often unaffordable due to high land prices.

  • We maximise a site’s yield by producing small residential lots that are suitable for housing
  • For lots destined to be sold individually on the open market, we provide a dwelling design option to buyers to communicate the possibilities on their land



Increasingly, we’re being asked to generate designs for sites that have challenging contours.

  • We have the technology and knowledge to test the viability of steeply contoured lots
  • For tough sites, we can advise on unit typology plans and land modification interventions



Although rectangular lots are the most efficient approach for residential design, it is hard to avoid creating a multi-lot plan without some unusually shaped sites.

  • We have the skills and resources to test these sites to ensure they are appropriate for residential development
  • In situations where the site’s potential is limited, we develop a suitable dwelling design for the lot



We are motivated to keep consent processing time to a minimum.

  • We ensure we’re familiar with a site’s development controls before embarking on design. This ensures we are aware of areas that need further discussion with a planner and the local authority


At first glance, the product often appears to be a deceivingly simple, illustrative plan that communicates the position of streets, dwellings, open space and landscaping. Crucially, it’s also a technical drawing that has been exposed to multiple design tests, includes multidisciplinary knowledge and is dimensionally accurate.

The upshot is a masterplan that requires negligible intervention to complete the subdivision process.

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