Introducing Randy Juab, Architect (Philippines Registered)

Introducing Randy Juab, Architect (Philippines Registered)

Randy is a Philippines-registered architect. Prior to joining Construkt, he spent more than nine years working in the architecture and construction industries in both the Philippines and Singapore. His experience ranges from design and documentation for small- to large-scale projects in residential, commercial, healthcare and industrial developments. Now in New Zealand with his family, Randy is impressed with the country’s natural environment and its cultural diversity.


What inspired you to work in the architectural space?

When I was a kid I liked to doodle; I’d sketch anything that tickled my creative imagination. At high school when it came time to choose a career path, I considered accounting, because I was good with numbers and my mother wanted me to be an accountant, and fine arts, because of my passion for the arts.

 Ultimately, however, I wanted my ideas to be a reality so, following my engineering brother’s suggestion, I settled on architecture. I loved the process of becoming an architect – solving design problems and coming up with unique solutions.

 At university, I put my artistic talents to good use by drawing henna tattoos on fellow students to help fund my studies.


What is it you love about architecture and design?

I love the fact that architecture improves lives, brings people together, and has a positive impact on behaviour and culture. I also love the way clients respond to a good solution. I like collaborating with the client, design professionals and trades, and being involved from concept through to construction. It’s very satisfying to see a project completed.


What is one of the biggest architectural challenges facing Auckland?

As a newcomer to Auckland, my first impression was that housing is very expensive. The challenge is to provide good-quality, affordable housing that encourages community. The city needs more well-considered, medium-density solutions.


What was it that drew you to Construkt?

My goal is to become a registered architect in New Zealand. Construkt offers a very supportive environment to upskill and learn about local building standards, materials and processes. The practice also encourages a good work-life balance.

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