Affordability Part 1: Site Matters

Without a doubt, one of the key issues facing Auckland’s growth and sustainability is access to affordable housing. The topic features in the news on a regular basis. Affordable [...]

Hobson Bay: sleek, modern medium-density design

The impressive view from Paritai Drive across Hobson Bay is a defining feature of Construkt’s latest Auckland residential project. Principal architect Madushin Amarasekera confirms plans for four standalone, high-end [...]

Residential Master Planning

Contrary to popular belief, a masterplan is a lot more than a ‘pretty picture’. In fact, masterplanning is a highly technical process that involves analysing the constraints and [...]

Construkt’s new Queenstown address

We’re thrilled to announce that Construkt’s Queenstown branch is officially open for business. Completion of the office in Kelvin Heights signals our strong commitment to the Queenstown market. Dubbed [...]

Northern Glen Innes leads transformation

The Creating Communities development in Northern Glen Innes is having a significant transformative effect on the neighbourhood and the wider community. “Creating Communities is leading a resurgence of development [...]