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Catalina Precinct Superlot 3-1

Construkt in Hobsonville, Multi-Unit Housing

Catalina Precinct Superlot 3-1

Universal Homes has engaged Construkt to prepare the concept plans and detailed design for 44 new homes at Hobsonville Point’s Catalina precinct. The commission follows the practice’s success delivering housing designs for seven ‘superlots’ in the development’s Buckley precinct.

The development offers a coherent design and a rich variety of housing types, in line with Hobsonville Point’s vision to satisfy peoples’ different budgets and lifestyles, including a portion specifically for affordable homes.

The gradually sloping development has a mix of one- and two-storey terraced and duplex homes ranging from one-to-four bedrooms with floor areas between 45sqm and 220sqm.

Compared to the District Plan, there are more rules to adhere to under the Unitary Plan; increased solar access is a pivotal one, says project architect Karl Barker. “Our challenge was to achieve more access to the sun for homes that are predominantly set in an east-west orientation. We’ve overcome this by creating semi-private outdoor spaces to the street front and made clever use of architectural design and landscape elements to ensure there is sufficient separation from the street.”

The development boasts a cohesive palette of colours and materials. Construkt has applied a combination of brick, weatherboard and vertical painted cedar in light to dark earthy tones. “The result is a modern urban feel,” says Karl.

Importantly, Construkt has created an ‘identity’ for each block of terraced homes. “While there’s a strong element of consistency from one block to the next,” says Karl, “we’ve introduced subtle differences to provide some individuality and interest.”


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