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The Temple View Project: CDP 2


Temple View Project CDP 2.0

CDP2 refers to one stage of a masterplanning project aimed at revitalizing an iconic Waikato settlement of Temple View. With unutilized land due the closure of the Church College of New Zealand (CCNZ) campus in 2009, and it’s location just a ten minute drive from Hamilton’s city centre, Temple View presents a unique opportunity for brownfield regeneration to grow its existing community by attracting a diverse mix of new residents, and to reinvigorate the ecclesiastical, cultural and social aspects of the area. 

The objective of this project is to envision the long term development of the CCNZ site in collaboration with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Bloxam Burnett & Olliver, Mansergh Graham Landscape Architects, Hamilton City, and the community, to re- purpose the previous school property in a way that complements and enhances the long term family life and the economic vitality of the Temple View community. This is to be done a manner that is economically, environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable by: 

·      Preserving and displaying cultural heritage;

·      Stimulating economic development;

·      Providing additional residential development;

·      Enhancing community facilities;

·      Developing built form and infrastructure that is sensitive to the natural constraints of the land;

·      Creating attractive, inviting open space areas; and

·      Shaping a connected, legible, and pedestrian friendly street network. 

 CDP2 is a Comprehensive Development Plan for Area 2 in the Temple View planning framework. It is concerned with the central section of the overarching masterplanning project, spanning between the Block Plant to the north, and the Legacy Park to the South. It offers different uses and activities to accommodate a diverse population with different abilities and lifestyles. It has a link to Tuhikaramea Road to the south, and it includes five church related buildings, various public open spaces, family housing, and senior housing. 



Currently with Council for consenting


Temple View, Hamilton