Northern Glen Innes leads transformation

Northern Glen Innes leads transformation

The Creating Communities development in Northern Glen Innes is having a significant transformative effect on the neighbourhood and the wider community.

“Creating Communities is leading a resurgence of development in Northern Glen Innes. The work has lifted the area enormously and it has quickly become an attractive, desirable location to a much wider demographic. As a result, independent developers now have confidence in Northern Glen Innes and have moved in to provide additional housing solutions,” says Construkt principal Russell Cannons.

Construkt is the concept architect for the development and a key member of the Creating Communities consortium.

“It’s been tremendously rewarding to be part of the team responsible for reviving this neighbourhood. We’re looking forward to taking our knowledge from this project and applying it to other developments,” says Russell.

The development has been characterised by pockets of smaller developments where, for example, two-three lots each featuring a single dwelling are amalgamated and replaced with four-five homes.

Today, the regeneration is highly visible throughout Glen Innes.

“This development has seamlessly integrated social, affordable and open market housing,” says Russell.

One highlight of the development has been the revitalisation of an entire street. The project involved replacing 14 dwellings with 39 new homes. Given the scale, Construkt was able to create an entire streetscape.

Its impact has been to prove the concept of intensity as it relates to the existing urban fabric. “It clearly demonstrates the benefits of a well-considered intensified neighbourhood and, as a result, the move to provide higher density spaces is now widely accepted,” says Russell.

As the development has progressed, builders and developers elsewhere in Northern Glen Innes are recognising the importance of details to the overall look and feel, including how external features such as the front yard and fencing relate to the house.

Construkt’s brief has grown and evolved with the project, which commenced in 2013. The practice now provides design, documentation and delivery services to the development.

“This complex development is effectively multiple interwoven projects, each with its own unique set of challenges and needs. Success has relied on getting to grips with the entrenched deficits in the community. Construkt has done this admirably, addressing the issues conceptually on a project-by-project basis,”

says Murdoch Dryden of Dryden Properties and project director for the Creating Communities consortium.

“Today, the look and feel of the community has been transformed. There has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of people’s lives, particularly those living in social housing. It’s a powerful catalyst to improved health, prosperity and education,” says Murdoch.

Intensification in Glen Innes is a solution to responsible land use, but it couldn’t have happened without Auckland Council’s driving support. The Council earmarked the area for intensification, which meant it has invested in critical infrastructure and services, including public transport.

Stage one, which will see 209 new homes built, is 80 percent complete. Construction for 32 houses in stage two will begin towards the end of this year.

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