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Apartment living has become increasingly popular as cities become more urbanised. New Zealand, and in particular Auckland, leads this trend. Consequently Construkt has had the opportunity of working on a large number of apartment style living commissions over the past few years and have established a thorough understanding of both modest accommodation through to luxury penthouse style apartment living.

Construkt has a clear understanding of the economic and design imperatives driving commercial and industrial projects gained from broad experience in this sector over many years. We understand that mental agility and lateral thinking are essential when exploring options for development of our clients sites. We also understand the importance of teamwork to achieve outstanding results.
Construkt Director David Gibbs and Associate Paul Edmond head this work for the practice.

We believe that house design offers an incredibly rewarding journey for both the client and the architect in a way that commercial projects seldom do – that of a more personal relationship between the client and architect.
We believe the quality of the relationship to be paramount. It critically feeds the concept and development of the design, particularly as our house clients are always encouraged to actively participate in the creative process.
Invariably, this interpersonal relationship elicits good design outcomes that are not just about aesthetics, but uniqueness, comfort and emotions. At Construkt they are all part of the mix, both in the overall vision and in the details.

Construkt’s track record in urban design and master planning spans brownfield urban renewal projects to new residential communities on greenfield sites. Several projects featured here are currently ongoing. They each explore new directions for residential communities and in total will at completion, house some 20,000 Aucklanders and urbanise almost 400 hectares.

We think of multi-unit housing as a special breed of residential design. Our approach is one of viewing each unit as a “house” in its own right, yet referenced into a cohesive whole that creates a place of distinction and, for the end user, offers environments that reinforce quality community living.
Achieving careful integration with the landscape and the surrounding built environment is a vital part of the overall success of any multi-unit housing project.

As pressure of growth comes on cities, brownfields sites are increasingly being seen as ripe for intensification. Mixed use developments are often a ready made answer for sites that don't provide good residential amenity at ground floor level, but do at upper levels. Commercial use of ground, and sometimes, first floor level, with uses compatible to residential can see optimum use made of brownfield sites.
Many of Construkt's projects under Masterplanning contain areas of mixed use that are integrated with the overall proposal.

This sector faces some fascinating challenges. The imminent arrival of the first of the baby boomer cohort should provide assured continuity of demand, but will they want what has been offered up until now?
Construkt believe that new thinking needs to be applied to accommodation for seniors, starting with the realisation that many will postpone retirement either through choice or economic necessity. Many will look for housing options that meet their need for security and assistance in ill health, but reflect their active lifestyle and youthful outlook.

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