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Portfolio - Urban Design


Urban Design Services


Our team has multidisciplinary skills in urban design, planning, and architecture to offer design and strategic based masterplanning services for the built environment. Construkt’s track record in masterplanning spans brownfields urban renewal projects to new residential communities on greenfield sites.

Recent masterplanning projects include:

  • Concept Plan for Crown Lynn Precinct: 11.3ha brownfield regeneration project for the previous Brickworks and Crown Lynn sites in New Lynn, 2015-2016.
  • Masterplanning services for the regeneration of Temple View: 33.6ha brownfield project on the previous CCNZ campus in Temple View, 2014-2016.
  • Huapai Triangle masterplanning and lot testing: 15.7ha greenfield subdivision for two sub-precincts in the Huapai Triangle, 2015-2016.
  • Godley Road Residential Development: new 0.6ha integrated development in Green Bay, 2016.


See our Project Portfolio here.


Our team have the written and visual skills to create clear and illustrative urban design reports and design statements to accompany resource consent applications. We prepare these reports to accompany masterplanning and architectural projects to present the analysis and thinking behind the design of a proposed development. We understand the need for concise text and legible maps and diagrams in order to communicate our urban design ideas in a way that is easy to understand and digest. Auckland Council encourages the use of these reports for developments across the Auckland Region, and requires them to be submitted with certain resource consent applications.

guidelines sketchGuidelines


Construkt offers feasibility-testing services for the residential lots to help form an understanding of the potential any future development. Our feasibility testing involves spatial analysis of a site and desired unit typologies in relation to the local council’s controls on yard size, set backs, off-street parking, height in relation to boundary, and vehicle access.

lot testing


Construkt understands the importance of quality architecture and site design in the implementation of a new development. We can deliver comprehensive design guidelines for the use of architectural and landscape designers in the design stages of a development. Design guidelines can include advice on bulk and massing, materiality, colour selection, front yard design, and site infrastructure.

Recent design guidelines produced by Construkt include:

  • Murphy’s Park Integrated and Residential Design Codes, 2016.
  • Huapai Triangle Home Design Guidelines, 2016.
  • Long Bay Integrated Design Guidelines, 2015.
  • Highgate Business Park Design Guidelines, 2014.
  • Long Bay Housing Design Guidelines, 2014.
  • Anselme Ridge Design Guidelines 2008.

Hobsonville-2-design guide


Construkt have a track record in the area of expert witness evidence in the Resource Management law system. We can generate reliable and accurate evidence regarding the built environment and back it up in court hearings in a clear and concise manner.


Recent projects include:

  • Bayswater Marina Precinct, 2016
  • QLDP Proposed Plan Change 50, for 34 Brecon Street, Queenstown, 2015.
  • Waterview Connection project, for the Board of Inquiry, 2011.



Achieving a quality built environment is a passion for Construkt, this is evident in the time and effort volunteered for urban design advocacy for Auckland’s key projects. As the previous chairman of the NZIA Urban Issues Group, and a national committee member of the Urban Design Forum, David Gibbs has dedicated hours of his time towards protecting Auckland’s assets and pushing for a compact urban pattern in Auckland.


Recent pro bono projects include:

  • Retention of the Queen Elizabeth Square, Auckland, 2016.
  • Evidence against the Ports of Auckland expansion, Auckland, 2015.
  • Advocate of compact growth in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, Auckland, 2014-2016.
  • Multiple presentations to the community about density and development.


Port Pro Bono


Construkt have developed a strong track record in the area of peer review, largely as a result of the many invitations to undertake this work in recent years. These peer review commissions are the result of the expertise Construkt has gained in urban design matters and the production of masterplans. These range from small sites to large precincts of sub-regional significance and include brown- and greenfield sites, urban renewal, town centre development and residential mixed-use communities.

Construkt appreciates that a review role is distinctly different from a design ownership role and has developed robust systems to ensure independent critical analysis of each proposal.

Some recent peer reviews undertaken include:

  • Ormiston (Flat Bush) Town Centre Development
  • Stonefields Neighbourhood Centre Development
  • Omaha Park Urban Design Review
  • Residential and Industrial Subdivision (Orewa) Urban Design Review
  • Long Bay Masterplan (2008 version by others), House Typology Review

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