Long Bay Superlot 1021, Lots 1-33


Long Bay Superlot 1021, Lots 1-33


STATUS: In Progress

LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand


The site is part of the new greenfield development at Long Bay located about 20km north of Auckland City Centre. The brief was to design 31 terraced houses in three blocks, of which 8 houses are semi-detached end-of-terrace.

The design aims to balance intensity, amenity and privacy to create a pleasant and interesting place to live and a sense of community. The development also aims to set a high precedent standard for developments of surrounding lots to follow. The character of these units is in keeping with the Long Bay Home Design Guidelines that reference the three design principles of: connectedness, clarity in form, and lightness. All units connect well with the open space around them – including private outdoor spaces and the public streetscape. The design has clarity in form by way of simple roof forms that differentiate each unit. A limited palette of high quality materials of brick, vertical weatherboards, horizontal weatherboards and profiled metal roofing. The colour palette consists of contrasting tones that further articulate projections and recesses in the built forms.


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