Port Nikau Masterplan


Port Nikau Masterplan


STATUS: Construction is underway

LOCATION: Whangarei

LINK: www.portnikau.co.nz/

Port Nikau covers 67ha of former port land on Whangarei Harbour. Beginning the process with a conceptual layout, Construkt teamed up with Reyburn & Bryant to refine and develop a robust master plan for a new community that will eventually provide over 1200 homes alongside a harbour-side town centre.

In 2020 Whangarei District Council approved a special chapter of their new District Plan for Port Nikau, the result is an extraordinarily beneficial planning framework.

The masterplan, is a combination of brownfields regeneration and greenfields development. It includes a town centre, low and medium density residential housing, retirement housing, mixed use buildings and open space. Two key elements define the masterplan: Waitai Trail and Arataki Ave. The former, offers a safe and engaging route for pedestrians and cyclists that weaves between the coastal edge, mangroves, parkland, and urban areas.

Arataki Avenue on the alignment of the historic Tide Gauge wharf forms a major axis through the development that provides a pedestrian and cycle friendly route for residents to reach the village centre.

“…Working with Construkt made this an enjoyable process with excellent commitment, timeliness and outcomes.”

Clare and Tony Davies-Colley

Port Nikau Joint Venture

Client: Port Nikau Joint Venture
Key Consultant:
Planner: Reyburn & Bryant


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