Cities_in Drawings Competition 2023 Winners
The Cities_in Drawings Competition presented by Construkt Architects, celebrates the best in drawing & sketching mastery.

At their core, architectural drawings possess an extraordinary ability to weave captivating narratives, transporting us into the intricate world of buildings and spaces. In an era where countless architectural images saturate our digital landscapes, the Cities_in Drawings competition emerges as a beacon of innovation, urging artists to break free from conventions, ignite our curiosity, and compel us to pause and delve deeper into the traditional medium of hand sketches.

This challenge beckons the adventurous and the visionary, those who dare to explore unconventional perspectives, push artistic limits, and capture the intangible spirit of a place in strokes of creativity.


Student category:
1st - "Combined" by Isla Turner
2nd - "Ka pai Tamaki Makaurau" by Isabella Sagar

Professionals category:
1st - "Golden Hour on Shortland" by Vera Boytsukevych
2nd - "Auckland at Night" by Luke Schwalger

Peoples choice:
"Defining Spaces in the Shadows" by Mannat Khurana