Construkt continues sponsorship of Auckland Special Children's Christmas Party
For the third year running, Construkt was proud to be a key sponsor for the 2023 NZME I Sky TV Special Children’s Christmas Parties. These events, for children aged 3-12 years, are hosted in various locations across the country and provide a spectacular and unforgettable Christmas experience for children facing life threatening illness, physical or intellectual impairment, domestic violence or other underprivileged circumstances.

These children are often not invited to parties so this event puts a smile on their faces in a setting where they will not be judged, stared at or avoided. Collectively, the sponsors contributions allow for more children to participate in this special event, and Constukt was thankful to being of making this happen.

The Special Children’s Christmas Parties has been hosting events for special children and their families since 1998 and extravaganzas since 2005. Currently, nearly 10,000 Kiwi children facing various special needs and challenges enjoy a magical day of entertainment, food, activities and of course a visit from Santa.