Te Uru Apartments
  • Project Apartment
  • Status Under Construction
  • Location Hobsonville, Auckland
The architectural character of the development has been carefully designed to ensure that it fits within the aspirations of the Te Uru context. The architecture is contemporary and varied and comprises of materials and forms that have a vibrant character that is in-keeping with the surrounding context.

Monopitch roof forms and contrasting colours are used to break down the massing within blocks and articulate the prominent and recessive forms of each unit. The three storey building forms in the proposed development have been designed to have a residential character. The buildings are split into eight blocks of apartments and walk-ups as described above. The outcome is varied yet consistent street frontage appropriate for the Hobsonville Point setting. The proposed development adapts to the rolling contour of the existing landform, having buildings stepped up/down accordingly. Such an approach provides visual interest in the broad streetscape, optimises the earthworks onsite, and emphasises the natural environment in height and scale.

The main aims of Fletcher Living were to deliver:

– a yield of 58 units of varying sizes,

– a mixture of 3 storey apartments and walk-ups, with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, to meet a range of different buyers' needs and offer architectural variety, and

– 41% as affordable axis units, 55% as median priced units, and 4% open to market priced units.
Project info
Client Fletcher Living
Year 2019-Current
Location Hobsonville, Auckland
Collaborators Civix Crossfire Oculus Greenwood Associates
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